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Comprehensive Women’s Healthcare

GYN based in Trinidad and Tobago

Did you know? You don’t have to wait
until 21 to see an

Girls as young as 13
can come with
questions concerning
their period, STI’s
and their evolving
Did you know? Depo does not contain
estrogen, so it can
be a good alternative
if you cannot tolerate
estrogen or use
Did you know? If you have polycystic
ovary syndrome (PCOS)
and find it hard to
lose weight, you are not
alone. More than half of
all women with PCOS
are overweight.
Did you know? Endometriosis affects
an estimated 1 in 10
women during their
reproductive years
(i.e. usually between
the ages of 15 to 49)
which is approximately
176 million women.

About Us

Azalea Health is a direct response to the need for more comprehensive and consultative women’s healthcare in Trinidad and Tobago.

At Azalea Health we envision a healthy community of women empowered to make informed choices about their sexual health and well-being. Your comfort and awareness are our top priority here, which is why Dr. Joseph takes the time to explain to each patient what each consultation means and entails.

Our services expand to members of the LGBTQI+ community, differently abled persons and Spanish speakers. Our goal is to make the high quality of care at Azalea Health standard for GYN care in Trinidad and Tobago.

What do we Treat

We provide quality gynaecological healthcare in Trinidad, including preventive medical care, nutritional needs, and health education.  At Azalea Health our goal is to empower and educate women about their sexual health and well-being.

Ask about anything: your menstrual cycle, menopause, birth control, sexual discomfort and hormone fluctuations just to name a few.

Infertility/Fertility Concerns

Consultations, examinations and testing to diagnose and manage infertility.

Contraceptive Services

For consultation on different birth control options including insertion of an IUD.

Prenatal Services are currently Unavailable


Diagnosis and treatment for painful periods

GYN Exam and Screenings

For annual gynaecological exams of the pelvis and breasts as well as cervical cancer screening.

Thyroid Function Screening

Blood tests to determine how well your thyroid is working and the relevant treatment.
stethoscope icon

Biopsies and Cyst Treatment

Colposcopy, Pelvic US, Office Biopsy, Incision and Drainage of benign cysts and abscesses.


Review our pricing guideline. Final costs are determined by conclusion of the visit based on services rendered. 

Payment is accepted in the form of Cash, Credit Card/Debit Card, LINX, Cheque (pending approval) and PayPal (USD).

All major insurances are accepted including CariCare Card (Sagicor), Provisor Card (Guardian Life), please bring appropriate forms.

Gynaecology Examinations




Annual GYN Exam

(incl. breast & pelvic

exam with pap smear)


Breast & Pelvic Exam


Birth Control Follow Up Visit (review prescription)


GYN Consultation (bring records for 2nd opinion)


Late Cancellation/

No Show Fee



  • The cost of STD tests do not include the cost of the pelvic exam. 
  • Testing for STDs is done based on your sexual history, symptoms, complaints and exposure risks. 

STD Screening


In-Office Laboratory Tests



Rapid HIV screen

Temporarily Unavailable

Rapid Chlamydia screen

Temporarily Unavailable

Rapid Gonorrhea screen


Rapid Chlamydia & Gonorrhea screen



Laboratory Tests



PCR Gonorrhea & Chlamydia


Trichomoniasis (Urine)


Vaginal Culture / Gonorrhea / Trichomoniasis / BV / Yeast


PAP / HPV Changes / Trichomoniasis / BV / Yeast


High risk / HPV DNA


Urine Culture


Office Procedures



Endometrial biopsy




IUD Insertion:

– provide your own IUD


– Mirena (5 year IUD)


– Jaydess (3 year IUD)


IUD Removal


Depo Provera injection


HPV Vaccine

(total of 3 doses over 6 mths)

$1,400 per dose

GYN Pelvic Ultrasound



Excision of lesion (local anesthetic)


Drainage of abscess/cyst


Book an Appointment

Select the nature of your appointment from the options below and then choose an available appointment time.

Feel free to call us at  868-236-2160 for any further inquiries.

Meet your Physician

Dr. Shevon Joseph

The Best Gynaecologist in Trinidad & Tobago

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