Virtual or Online consultations are 45-minute sessions that include a detailed review of your medical concerns with Dr Joseph for her expert professional medical advice. Tap into her vast knowledge of all things GYN.

Discuss your PCOS & other GYN concerns with a personalised approach to better manage symptoms.

Online consultations are considered telemedicine and by scheduling an appointment, you agree to the following Online Consult Patient Telemedicine Consent & Disclaimer.

Here’s how to schedule your online consultation with Dr. Joseph.

  1. Online consultations are scheduled via our booking calendar.
  2. On the “Book your Appointment” page, select “Gynaecology” then select “Virtual Consultation”
  3. One you select your desired date & time, complete your booking as instructed.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email with the appointment link, a medical info form & payment options (Paypal, Zelle, or E-banking).
  5. Proof of payment is required via email within 24 hours of your scheduled date.
  6. You must complete the form with your medical health information at least 24h before your consult.
  7. Click the appointment link in your booking confirmation email at the scheduled time of your consult.
  8. A reliable internet connection and a location that provides personal privacy are highly recommended for your consultation.

You can also book an online consult via the Medicas app. Read the instructions below.

To book an appointment:

  • Download & Register the Medicas mobile app from the PlayStore or the AppStore, by clicking the Google or Apple images below.
  • Click on “Book an Appointment” and select “Gynecologist.”
  • Select Dr. Shevon Joseph’s profile and Select the appointment slot.
  • Write down your complaint and upload any files.
  • Make payment and confirm the appointment.