Appointment and No Show Policy

No shows and cancellations with less than 2 weekdays’ notice are a significant problem for our small practice. Many practices overbook on purpose so that no-shows and cancellations won’t limit access for other patients as well as cause a financial hardship for the practice.

At Azalea Health Services, we believe that this approach will negatively impact your healthcare experience. We recognise that our patients lead busy lives where time is precious and should not be wasted in our waiting room.

We wish to guarantee that you are seen in a timely fashion after arrival for your scheduled appointment. With this policy we hope that you will help us keep this guarantee.

When it comes to no shows and cancellations, we have three choices:

  1. A strict policy; or
  2. Overbooking (leading to long wait times at our office); or
  3. Charging for no shows

We feel the strict policy is the best fit for our practice and we are proud of our ability to run on time.

Our Policy

Schedule an appointment online at www.azaleahealthtt.com or by calling 868-236-2160. Administrative staff may only schedule routine well and follow-up exams; all acute needs must be evaluated by the doctor and can be done via telephone.

No Walk Ins.
Azalea Health Services is open by appointment only and cannot accommodate walk-in patients.

Schedule same-day appointments for ill visits. When the provider speaks with a patient it is determined through triage how soon the patient needs to be seen. Our policy is to see patients with urgent-care needs the same day they call provided they call at least 2 hours before we close.

Patients who arrive on time are seen at their appointment time. Patients who have arrived on time will be seen ahead of those who arrive late. If you arrive late, we may need to abbreviate or reschedule your visit.

Call ahead if you are late or unable to make your appointment time. We will do all that we can to accommodate your appointment and to minimize the need to reschedule your appointment.

Appointments will be confirmed 2 weekdays prior to the scheduled visit by Azalea Health staff.

Appointments for additional family members should be made by phone or online prior to coming to the office. If you would like another family member to be seen, please schedule appointments for all patients online or by phone at least 2 weekdays prior to coming to the office.

Turn off cell phones in the office and examination rooms.


Azalea Health reserves the right to refuse appointments for violating this policy. Violations include:

  1. Not showing for scheduled appointments
  2. Cancelling appointments with less than 2 weekdays’ notice (excluding holidays)
  3. Walking in without an appointment – call the office at least 2 hours prior to closing to speak with the doctor to determine if urgent care is needed

Repeat violators of the policy may be subject to a fee for future bookings and restricted from scheduling online appointments.